Extra High Voltage Cable

Extra High Voltage Cable

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Highcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. stands as a premier manufacturer of high voltage cables in India, boasting a cutting-edge production facility equipped with advanced German technology. Our plant has the capability to manufacture cables up to 220KV. Adhering to the Indian Standard specification IS: 7098 Part II, our high voltage cables are crafted to meet rigorous quality standards. Additionally, our expert research and development team can customize manufacturing to comply with various international standards such as IEC, BS, NFC, AS/NZS, VDE, and SABS.

Highcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. High Voltage Cables cover voltage grades ranging from 3.3 kV to 33 kV, making them ideally suited for power transmission and distribution



Our High Voltage cables are produced using the latest triple-layer extrusion technology, featuring a semiconducting bonded conductor screen, XLPE or EPR insulation, and an over-semiconducting layer in a single continuous process. This advanced manufacturing technique ensures longer cable lifespan with minimal breakdowns. The use of XLPE in our cables guarantees excellent electrical and mechanical performance, along with a lower dielectric factor.

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